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Flower Prints

Flower prints. Yay for me! I’m back guys – a new month means a new outfit post. I’m wearing a lot of new items, that I would like to tell more it in todays blogpost. It has been a while since I posted a look. But you know, busy work life! Anyways let’s talk about…

HemdvoorHem.nl CalvinKlein shirt give away JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

HemdvoorHem.nl CalvinKlein shirt give away

Hi guys. Vandaag heb ik een te gekke give away voor jullie. In samenwerking met Hemdvoorhem.nl. En nu hoor ik je denken, “Kevin dat komt mij bekend voor” Dat klopt zeker. Je herkent het vast van mijn NYE outfit. Mocht je het gemist hebben klik dan zeker even op de link. Maar genoeg over die…

Camouflage - JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


Yes first outfit for 2017 is an fact! Welcome back. Today I’m mixing some camouflage prints together. Who doesn’t love this print? It’s also the first time ever where I’m wearing a camouflage print – but I’m really excited. So let me tell you more about this look. First of all I want to tell…

Mickey Mouse JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Mickey Mouse

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? I think everyone knows it – is it through cartoons on tv or maybe through Disney Land. Which I’ve been two times in Paris. I really want to back ASAP. Anyways when I saw this shirt on the Zara website I immediately put in my basket. I really have a…

Give Away Cr7 Shirt JustKVN Menswear blog-4

Give Away CR7 shirt

Hell Friends, Yes today it’s time for another give away. This time you could win a CR7 shirt (Cristiano Ronaldo). You’ll probably saw two outfits, were I was wearing them and I’m in the lucky position to give something back to my loyal followers. As you may know I really like CR7. This shirt is…

Moam X Hema Sausages shirt


Yes me is so happy that I have one of the sausages shirts from MOAM x HEMA. When I found out that MOAM designed a sausages shirt for HEMA, I knew that I have to buy this limited edition t-shirt. I think it’s fun and crazy to have this in your wardrobe. The smoked sausages…

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