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Slip ons and Ripped jeans JustKVN Mensfashionblog-7

Slip ons and Ripped jeans

Hello guys, For todays outfit post I thought it would be fun to style my ripped jeans again but in a total different way. I want it to be simple and sophisticated. I added a simple white shirt and a black blazer. Of course I had to wear my slip ons from Givenchy with this…

Summer Look x The Sting

Summer Look x The Sting

Happy Tuesday Friends, Yay summer is really close and The Sting asked me to create a summer look for you guys of course I would do that. Before I did some shopping I was searching on the website from The Sting and I thought what should I wear this summer? Should I go for shorts…

tripes and Ripped Jeans JustKVN

Stripes and Ripped Jeans

Wait what! Am I wearing a lighter jeans and ripped. Yes I am guys. This is totally a different look then you usually see here on my blog. Sometimes it’s good to show different styles and looks. I love this stripes and ripped jeans look. The jeans is a bit baggy so I have to…

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