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Grid and New Watch

Grid and New Watch

This is really my favorite outfit for Christmas! Chique and simple. Also it’s black and white and in my opinion a combination with these two colors is always a good idea! What do you think of the Grid-print? I personally love it. From a distance you could not really see the print, which for me is…

SNEEK: GRID and New Watch

SNEAK: GRID and New Watch

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? I really a lazy weekend. Watching movies and lying in bed. I’m so happy with my watch from Prisma Watches and with my new shirt from Asos. Totally in love with the Grid-print. But for now it’s an sneak peek. Question for today: Do I wear a tie or…

Prisma Watch

New: Prisma Watch

If you may know I really like watches and guess what I teamed up with Prisma Watches. The first Prisma watch was produced in 1948. They deliver quality, good looking and affordable prices. It’s a well known brand in the Netherlands and also in other countries. Their watches is more then time keeping. It’s all about quality design…

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