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November photo diary JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

November photo diary

Hello December. Time really flies and it’s time for my new november photo diary blogpost. Can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2017. Anyways let me first give you a sneak peek in to my life with my diary post. It was a busy month filled with press days, meetings, shootings and fun. Let’s go…


APRIL 2016

Wow April was really fun. Filled with a lot of meetings and visiting press agencies. But also my birthday and my first month that JustKVN is my own company. I’m feeling really blessed. But let’s get started with my photo diary of April. First of all this pictures isn’t from April. But from March. I…

A day in the life of JustKVN

A day in the life

Yes a day in the life of JustKVN. I thought it should be fun to film my whole day when I have press days and an event in the evening. Some of my friends and followers are really curious of what it’s like when you visit some PR agencies. As a blogger it’s good to…

Primark Autumn Winter 2015 PressDays

Primark Autumn Winter 2015 PressDays

Wait what?! I never see Primark before on this blog. That’s right, cause I didn’t shop that often at their stores for two reasons. 1: it’s to crowded 2: I really don’t like the men section. The clothing are really boring. I thought because I’m really excited about the Primark Autumn Winter 2015 collection to…

Photo Diary April JustKVN Mensfashionblog

Photo Diary April 2015

Yes guys it’s time for my monthly highlights and photo diary of last month. This time it’s all about April. It was really a busy month, my birthday, a lot of meetings and press days in Amsterdam. So also hanging out with my favorite blogger babes. So let’s get started. The first weekend of April…

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