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Time to Celebrate

Well Hello it’s time to celebrate something. It has been quite here last week, but I was having a cold. So I really didn’t had the energie to write a whole blog post for you guys. But I’m back on track. I’m 27 years old now, I celebrate it with some friends but not a…

Party Look x The Sting JustKVN menswear blog

Party Look x The Sting

Happy Friday Friends, Yes December has started so that means the holidays are really close – and you have to find your perfect outfit for Christmas or maybe NYE. In collaboration with The Sting I picked out a party look for you guys. One thing that I love to do is dressing up for the Holidays….

Inspiration Party Outfit JustKVN Menswear blog

Inspiration Party Outfit

I know it’s a little bit early but when I got an e-mail from Otto.nl where I can shop party outfits to dress up for a party night like Christmas or maybe New Years eve. So I thought let’s pick out some items for some inspiration that I can share with you guys and to…

VFNO 2015 JustKVN Menswear blog

VFNO 2015

Yes it’s that time of the year again. It was al ready time for VFNO (Vogue Fashion’s Night Out) in Amsterdam. To be honest this year was really disappointing. Of course there were a lot of fashion minded people, good music and don’t forget the drinks. But the feeling of everything was not like last…

Festival look x The Sting JustKVN menswear blog

Festival Look x The Sting

In collaboration with The Sting I went to Guilty Pleasure Festival in Amsterdam. Which I’m gonna tell you more about this Thursday – so stay tuned. I didn’t know what to wear to a festival, so I did some research and I thought I want a denim jacket – unfortunately The Sting hasn’t that in their…

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