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Undandy customized loafers JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Customized Loafers ft. Undandy

Yay I received my new customized loafers from Undandy. I gave you a little sneak peek in diary post of April where I was designing my own pair of shoes. But first let me give you more information about Undandy. In 2014 Gonçalo Henriques and Rafic Daud this Portuguese new shoe brand called Undandy. They have a…

Timberland Sensorflex JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Timberland Sensorflex

Say Hi to my very first new pair of Timberland’s. But not just normal Timba’s – I have the Timberland with Sensorflex. Then you all are like “what is Sensorflex”? Well the Sensorflex comfort system it supports, cushions and flexes with every movement. It lets you do it all and sacrifice nothing – so you never…

Acne Studios Sunglasses Spitfire Large Palladium:Flash Silver JustKVN menswear blog

New Acne Studios Sunglasses

Say Hi to my new Acne Studios Sunglasses. I have the Spitfire Large Palladium/Flash Silver. It’s handmade and it’s an classic aviator sunglasses with flat lenses and a metallic frame. When I was shopping alone in Stockholm (cause Sabine had an appointment) for me it was the occasion to explore the city all by myself –…

Humberto Hans Anders JustKVN Menswear blog

Humberto Hans Anders

Well Hello new glasses. I started a new collaboration with Hans Anders to style these awesome glasses from Humberto Tan. Yes Humberto and Hans Anders started a new collaboration together, it’s an wide collection with normal glasses and sunglasses which will be in stores in the beginning of march 2016. The Humberto collection has 21…

New Zara Coat with Borg Collar JustKVN Menswear blog

New Zara Coat with Borg Collar

Me is really happy. Say Hi to me new Zara Coat with Borg Collar. I think some of you don’t really know what a Borg Collar is. It is that little (faux) fur detail on the board of a jacket. A borg collar jacket is totally on trend right now. About a month ago I…

Madotta Marble Iphone Case JustKVN Menswear blog

Madotta Marble Iphone Case

Recently I got an new iPhone – the 6s. You all know that I’ve an obsession for Marble and I also infected all my friends. Anyways today I wanna talk about my new Madotta Marble iPhone Case. Little disclaimer: I bought this case my self and I’m not sponsored for posting this. Just want to…

New bag from Marington.nl JustKVN menswear blog

New bag from Marington.nl

As long as I can remember I wanted a briefcase in my collection. Also because I follow some other bloggers and it’s so classy and gives their outfit that little dapper feeling. I got this briefcase from the webshop Marington.nl This bag is really classy and so handy. Sometimes I travel a lot and I could bring…


Balmain x H&M Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, Just a quick late night post. I here you thinking where the hell were you. Well I was so busy this week – I didn’t have some time to write a whole blog post. But I’m back. Of course with some from Balmain x H&M. Luckily enough I was invited for the new…


New in: TRIWA Watch Midnight Lansen Chrono Black

Say “Hi” to my new watch from Triwa. It is the Triwa Watch Midnight Lansen Chrono Black. But first more information about this Stockholm based brand. Triwa was founded in 2007. It is a young and independent watch and accessory brand dedicated to transforming the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style. All…

New: Polette Sunglasses

New: Polette Sunglasses

I’m really happy with my new sunglasses from Polette. Maybe you don’t the brand. So let me tell you something about Polette and their unique glasses and sunglasses. Polette is French. They have the lowest price on the market, sell very unique frames for a special low price. The design could be something Retro and Vintage or…

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