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NYE outfit

Welcome back Guys. It’s already time for my NYE outfit but first I hope everyone had some wonderful Holidays with your friends and loved ones. I went on Christmas eve out for diner with Wendy and on Christmas day I was so tired I slept almost all day and had diner at my fathers place. On the…

Personal Update JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Personal Update

Welcome back guys. Today it is time for a personal update. You guys thought where was Kevin last Tuesday with a new blog post. Well to be honest I’m super tired the last few weeks. So I didn’t had the energy to write a full blogpost. I’m allright but let me explain something why I’m less…

Pink Asos sweater JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


Wait Whut.. Are you wearing Pink Kevin? Yes I am! For years I said: “I’m not gonna wear that color, I don’t like it”, but I love the Pink bomber trend for girls – so I did some online shopping and of course Asos has a perfect Pink sweater. But it’s not really pink, it’s…

Travel to Stockholm JustKVN menswear blog

Travel to Stockholm

Yes today is the day that I’m gonna travel to Stockholm again. I’m super excited. Two years ago I was so nervous for traveling alone – but this year I’m not. Gonna spend almost 9 days with Sabine and her fiancé. But if you had read my resolutions post you probably may know I really…

Michael Kors for men Fragrance

Michael Kors for men Fragrance

Wow it has been a while when I posted a beauty article here on my blog. I received a free sample of the new fragrance from Michael Kors for Men and I was really surprised. I just love the smell of this perfume. Last Sunday I’ve got an e-mail from Douglas. That I got 25% of…

Evan menswear beanie

Sneak Peek Beanie

Hi guys, Today it’s time for a sneak peek! It’s all about the beanie from Evan Menswear. First of all, I’m super duper excited for this weekend, cause I’m going to Amsterdam Fashion Week! Which is really one of my dreams and goals when I started blogging! Of course I’m going to shoot my outfit,…

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