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Travel to Stockholm JustKVN menswear blog

Travel to Stockholm

Yes today is the day that I’m gonna travel to Stockholm again. I’m super excited. Two years ago I was so nervous for traveling alone – but this year I’m not. Gonna spend almost 9 days with Sabine and her fiancé. But if you had read my resolutions post you probably may know I really…

My Blog Resolutions for 2016

My Blog Resolutions for 2016

Hello Guys, A new year means also new resolutions. All though resolutions are really personal – I thought it should be fun to share mine. Cause maybe we have the same and also a little reminder for myself. Let’s start my blog resolutions for 2016. 1. Travel more often: By far my favorites things in the…

New Zara Coat with Borg Collar JustKVN Menswear blog

New Zara Coat with Borg Collar

Me is really happy. Say Hi to me new Zara Coat with Borg Collar. I think some of you don’t really know what a Borg Collar is. It is that little (faux) fur detail on the board of a jacket. A borg collar jacket is totally on trend right now. About a month ago I…

Blu Murray JustKVN Menswear blog

Blu Murray

As you follow for me a long time  – you know that I love to wear shirts. You can style them in so many ways. For a casual look, a dapper look. With a blazer, or with some accessories. Today I wanna talk about Blu Murray. I hear you thinking, I don’t know that brand….

Madotta Marble Iphone Case JustKVN Menswear blog

Madotta Marble Iphone Case

Recently I got an new iPhone – the 6s. You all know that I’ve an obsession for Marble and I also infected all my friends. Anyways today I wanna talk about my new Madotta Marble iPhone Case. Little disclaimer: I bought this case my self and I’m not sponsored for posting this. Just want to…

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