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Kenzo Sweater JustKVN

Kenzo Sweater

Hello guys, I’m still totally in love with my Kenzo Sweater. I bought it 2 years ago when it was a trend to have this tiger sweater in your collection. That also remind me that I didn’t showed it before here on my blog. I combined the Kenzo sweater with a lighter jeans and some…

Photo Diary March 2015 JustKVN

Photo Diary March 2015

It’s time for my monthly diary. March was not a busy month thank god. But I really had a great time. So let’s get started. In the beginning of March I had a shooting date with Wendy. We shot this awesome look. If you haven’t seen it yet please click here. The second weekend it…

Happy 26th birthday JustKVN

Happy 26th Birthday

YAY Happy 26th Birthday to me! I shot this funny picture last weekend in Rotterdam and for my birthday I want it to be a very happy photo. It turned out really good right? Last sunday I’ve got a little present from one of my good friends. When she saw my wish list she ordered…

Birthday Wishlist JustKVN

Birthday Wish List

WOOPWOOP! Next week I’m turning 26 years old. God I’m getting really old. And of course I had to picked out some things for my Birthday Wish List and I have to say it’s was really hard to find things that I need. I think I’m really happy with all the things I own. Let’s…

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