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Traveling the world with Wereldkaarten.nl JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Traveling the world with Wereldkaarten.nl

Happy Friday guys. Vandaag ga ik de wereld over door middel van de wereldkaarten van Wereldkaarten.nl. Zoals jullie wel weten hou ik van reizen en vind ik items voor in mijn interieur ook echt te gek. Soms wissel ik weer alles en dan weer met nieuwe spullen. In deze blogpost lees je vandaag meer over…

Interior tip Desenio.nl Posters JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog-1

Desenio.nl Posters Interior Tip

Hi Guys. Jullie hebben het vast wel op Instagram of op blogs voorbij zien komen de geweldige posters van Desenio.nl. Toen ik samen met Wendy er over had begon mijn interieur hartje gelijk sneller te kloppen. Uiteindelijk kreeg zelf een mail van Desenio dat ik een paar leuke items mocht uitzoeken. Ik werd gelijk enthousiast,…

Caseable Macbook sleeve and Iphone case - JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Caseable Macbook sleeve and Iphone case

Welcome back Guys. It’s almost Christmas and that means finding the perfect gifts for you loved ones. In today’s blogpost I’m telling you more about the items that I received from Caseable. At caseable, it’s their mission to lighten up your day! We give you the possibility of individualizing your laptop, tablet, smartphone or eReader. We…

Spicing up my interior with items from Coolgift.nl - JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Spicing up my interior

FRIYAY! Spicing up my interior. Is one of the things I love to do. Boxing lights or other lights –my little room is filled with a lot of lights. The more the better right?! Anyways lucky me Coolgift.nl has sent me two different items for my interior. And the first when I checked out their…

Personal Update JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Personal Update

Welcome back guys. Today it is time for a personal update. You guys thought where was Kevin last Tuesday with a new blog post. Well to be honest I’m super tired the last few weeks. So I didn’t had the energy to write a full blogpost. I’m allright but let me explain something why I’m less…

Dior Reflected Sunglasses Look a Like JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Dior Reflected Sunglasses Look a Like

Do you remember the sunglasses trend from last year? The Dior So Real was really populair. Nowadays you’ll see a lot of influencers are wearing the new collection from Dior. Of course I would like to add a real one to my collection but for some trends I don’t want spend a lot of money…

Balmain x H&M fragrance JustKVN menswear blog

Balmain x H&M fragrance

I know it has been a while of the craziness from Balmain x H&M. In the end of December I bought myself the Balmain x H&M fragrance. When I got a sample at the event I really like the scent of this fragrance. First let’s talk about the bottle. It’s an square gold bottle and…

Interior Favorites JustKVN Menswear blog

Interior Favorites

Today I wanna talk about my interior favorites at this moment. As you may know I love to spice up my interior with some good accessories. So of course I did some online shopping at Otto.nl and found some really great pieces. Let’s begin and maybe you’ll find some nice inspiration out of this blog…

Marble Macbook Case JustKVN MensFashionBlogger

All Marble

As you may know I LOVE the marble trend. I bought last year a marble iPhone case and I also posted an outfit with a marble shirt and a couple of months ago I bought a marble plate from H&M. So when Chantal asked me if I had some wishes for my birthday, I was like…

New: Polette Sunglasses

New: Polette Sunglasses

I’m really happy with my new sunglasses from Polette. Maybe you don’t the brand. So let me tell you something about Polette and their unique glasses and sunglasses. Polette is French. They have the lowest price on the market, sell very unique frames for a special low price. The design could be something Retro and Vintage or…

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