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Retro Vibes #loveglasses ft. Specsavers JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Retro Vibes #loveglasses

Happy Friday guys. Who is ready for some Retro Vibes here on the blog. It’s still my style but totally something different. If you read my May and June recap – you may know that I’m part of the team #Loveglasses in collaboration with Specsavers. I picked out this pilot frame in gold. It is…

Red Bomber jacket JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Red Bomber jacket

Happy Friday friends. I’m back with a new outfit post. This time I’m wearing a new Red Bomber jacket that I got via StyleItaly. It’s an online web shop that offers new fashion items for really good prices. They offer all different kind of items. Think about, bomber jackets, shirts, sweaters and more. Their trendy…

Birds The Sting sweater JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


Birds falling down the rooftops, Out of the sky like raindrops. No air, no pride. Who remembers this song, when Anouk preformed this song at the Eurovision Song Festival. I know I do – and it reminds me of that when I’m wearing my Birds sweater. Anyways I find it really funny. So let’s talk about my…

Neckerchief outft JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blogNeckerchief outft JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


Yes guys, a few weeke ago I posted a blog post about the Neckerchief – were you could see some inspiration on how to wear that kind of accessory. Since then I was searching the web to find some classic bandana’s, cause of course it’s just a bandana but then you fold it up and…

Pink Asos sweater JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


Wait Whut.. Are you wearing Pink Kevin? Yes I am! For years I said: “I’m not gonna wear that color, I don’t like it”, but I love the Pink bomber trend for girls – so I did some online shopping and of course Asos has a perfect Pink sweater. But it’s not really pink, it’s…

Adventure or nothing Zara tee Garcia jeans leather jacket, garcia jeans, vagabond shoes, acne studios sunglasses justkvn menswear and lifestyle blog

Adventure or Nothing

Adventure or nothing right? When I saw this shirt online – I thought I just need it. Especially I like to travel. In my sneak peek post from yesterday you read everything about my new leather jacket from Garcia Jeans. In todays post I’m gonna tell you how I combined my green/grey leather jacket. This…

Sneak Peek: New Leather Jacket from Garcia Jeans

Sneak Peek: New Leather Jacket from Garcia Jeans

I was so busy so it’s time for a sneak peek post. This time it’s all about my new leather jacket from Garcia Jeans. Well on my blog it is new, but I have it in my closet for a long time. But I didn’t found the right time to show it here on the…

Casual School outfit x Van Haren

Casual School outfit x Van Haren

Yes guys I’m back with a Casual School outfit in collaboration with Van Haren. Last week and this week it’s time for the trend “Sneakers Casual” I’m really excited about this outfit, cause it’s totally something different then I usually wear. Lately a Denim Jacket is very on trend. Lucky me I got this Denim Jacket…

Humberto Hans Anders JustKVN Menswear blog

Humberto Hans Anders

Well Hello new glasses. I started a new collaboration with Hans Anders to style these awesome glasses from Humberto Tan. Yes Humberto and Hans Anders started a new collaboration together, it’s an wide collection with normal glasses and sunglasses which will be in stores in the beginning of march 2016. The Humberto collection has 21…

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