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Trend: Neckerchiefs

Yes it’s time for a trend/inspiration post. This time I’m talking about the Neckerchiefs. And I think some of you are thinking what are you talking about?! Well officially it’s a Bandana. You know a little scarf that you can wear on your head. It’s a little bit old skool, but I ensure you that…

Filippa K Exhibition Stockholm Fall Winter collection 2016 JustKVN menswear blog-4

Filippa K Exhibition Stockholm Fall Winter collection 2016

Today a post about the exhibition from Filippa K in Stockholm. They presented the new fall winter collection for 2016. Sabine and I went there last Wednesday 3th of February. The name of this collection is: Seeking Patters. A collaborative presentation by Julia Hetta and Åsa Stenerhag. The location for this exhibition was Floragatan 13….

Coats and Shoes must have aw 2015 JustKVN Menswear blog

Coats and Shoes must have AW

Because the weather is really bad last couple of weeks I thought I’m sharing some Coats and Shoes must have AW. So I did some online shopping at Otto.nl and found some really good pieces that every men should at to their collection. Let’s start with the shoes. The trend for AW are Monk shoes…

House of Byfield SS16 JustKVN Menswear blog

House of Byfield SS16 Amsterdam Fashion Week

Happy Fridays it’s almost time for weekend! Which I’m really excited about, but I’m gonna tell you more about in the end of this article. Let’s start with my report from House of Byfield. Because Brian and I were sitting Front Row I thought let’s take some pictures and I have to say I’m really…

Bloggernet x justKVN

Big News x Bloggernet

Yes finally I can say what my new project is… I’m not only gonna write here on my blog I’m also gonna write for Bloggernet. Every Wednesday you’ll see a new post for men. Of course I’m gonna write about fashion, but maybe in the future I would love to write about travel. Think about review…

Collaboration with A fish Namend Fred x JustKVN

Collaboration A Fish Named Fred x JustKVN

Yes guys finally I can say it. I have a new collaboration with A Fish Named Fred. I hear you thinking. Before they contacted me i never heard of this brand. But it’s always good to try out new things and share it with you guys. So let me introduce A Fish Named Fred. The…

AFW FW 2015 Street Style - Boys and Couples

AFW FW 2015 Street Style – Boys and Couples

Yes guys, my last street style post from Fashion Week. Last week it was all about the girls and their outfits and today it’s all about the boys and some couples. What I saw was a lot of all black outfits, suits, and more casual looks. Not that very out going. Just the way men…

AFW FW 2015 Street Style - Girls

AFW FW 2015 Street Style – Girls

Cause I promised you some street style from Fashion Week, I took some pictures of people. Of course a lot of bloggers that I know! Although I took some pictures of people that I didn’t know and I have to say it was a bit scary to asked them to pose for my camera! Today…

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