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Dots and Check in Brussels JustKVN Menswear blog

Dots and Check in Brussels

As you may know I went to Brussels last weekend and of course I had to shoot at least one outfit in that beautiful city. Which I’m gonna tell you more of my little city trip next week. I’m also editing a vlog from Brussel but I’ve also some beautiful pictures. What do you prefer?…

Check mate at Fashionweek JustKVN Menswear blog

Check mate at Fashion Week

Hello guys, As you may know if you follow me on Instagram I attended for the second time Amsterdam Fashion Week. I had so much fun with a my bloggers babes and boys. I went on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I was so lucky to see the show of Tony Cohen. Also now we’re…

Check in Firenze

Check in Firenze

I’m back guys from Firenze. I had really a good time there and what a beautiful city. The old buildings and the cathedral of Florence is so huge but perfect. The building you saw in my previous postcard post. Maybe next week I’m gonna post some pictures of my short trip to Firenze. I hope you…



Hi guys I’m back! How was your weekend? I had a shooting date with my girl Wendy and sunday I went to Yoghurt Barn with Jacqueline! I love that place and frozen yoghurt. This was my second look for Amsterdam Fashion Week also the busiest day with shows. But I loved it. Nice to know: I…

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