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Birds falling down the rooftops, Out of the sky like raindrops. No air, no pride. Who remembers this song, when Anouk preformed this song at the Eurovision Song Festival. I know I do – and it reminds me of that when I’m wearing my Birds sweater. Anyways I find it really funny. So let’s talk about my…

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Shades of Blue

As you may know I went to Rotterdam a few weeks ago. In today’s outfit post I’m wearing different shades of blue. I love to combine black and blue together. A few days before we went to Rotterdam they predicted a lot of rain. So I didn’t know what to wear. I bought these denim…


All black with a touch of Blue

Hi Guys, As you may know I went to Amsterdam Fashion Week last weekend. This time I just went 1 day – I love it but last year I was so exhausted after 3 days. I visit 2 shows. It was the show from Oilily and Tony Cohen. The fact that Oilily is back on…

Blue Turtle Neck JustKVN Menswear blog

Blue Turtle Neck

I’m super excited and nervous for sharing this outfit post! It’s totally something different then I usually wear. Okay, to be honest I wear a lot of dandy outfits but I never showed here an outfit with a turtle neck. This blue turtle neck is from Zara and is really my favorite color. Turtle necks…

All Blue JustKVN Menswear blog

All Blue

Yes I’m in love with this location the colorful houses reminds me a little bit of Curaçao. How cool is that and it’s in the hometown of Wendy. Cause all the houses are so colorful I have to wear a little bit of color, that means my favorite color blue. So all blue it is….

Blue Stripes JustKVN

Blue Stripes

Hello guys, How was your weekend? It has been a while since I posted a outfit post. But I’m back. Last wednesday I was in Amsterdam for a very cool project and can’t wait to tell you everything. I’m really excited. But stay tuned. Let’s talk about my look. Blue Stripes are always a good idea…

Blue and White

Blue and White

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? I went to the “Markthal” in Rotterdam and it is really an awesome place! I bought some lovely donuts and I’m definitely gonna visit the market as soon as possible. Let’s talk about my outfit from today. This was my last look from Fashion Week! I want a blue and white…

All Blue

All Blue

Hello Guys, This outfit may look familiar to you. This was exactly the outfit that I was wearing in my previous video. If you didn’t saw the video please click here. I have to say I LOVE my background. I shot this on top of a parking lot and with “De Dom” in the background!…

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Hi guys, Did you bought something yesterday at Alexander Wang x H&M? It was a total chaos yesterday, all the ladies went crazy about the grey sweater and the black sweater, so I was to late to get some of these. But thank god there’s Wendy and she bought the grey sweater online. Thank girl!…

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