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Primark Autumn Winter 2015 PressDays

Primark Autumn Winter 2015 PressDays

Wait what?! I never see Primark before on this blog. That’s right, cause I didn’t shop that often at their stores for two reasons. 1: it’s to crowded 2: I really don’t like the men section. The clothing are really boring. I thought because I’m really excited about the Primark Autumn Winter 2015 collection to…

Photo Diary May JustKVN

Photo Diary May 2015

Yes happy Thursday guys, it’s time for my photo diary may 2015. This months was filled again with meetings with friends, but also some great events and press days. But before we start with my diary I just couldn’t hold it any longer. This Sunday I’m flying to Florence. YESSS! I’m at the party from…

Photo Diary March 2015 JustKVN

Photo Diary March 2015

It’s time for my monthly diary. March was not a busy month thank god. But I really had a great time. So let’s get started. In the beginning of March I had a shooting date with Wendy. We shot this awesome look. If you haven’t seen it yet please click here. The second weekend it…

JustKVN photo diary February

Photo Diary February

Hi guys, It is time for my photo diary of last month: February. Time really flies and also last month was filled with shooting dates, meeting up with friends and yes a lot of FOOD! I’m really getting fat guys! So enjoy all my highlight of February. First of all let’s get started with this delicious…

Recap JustKVN January and February

RECAP January and February

Hi Guys, It’s March and that means Recap time! I said it in my “Blogger Anniversary” post, time flies and it does. Like in a month it’s all ready time for my birthday. But let’s talk about all my looks from January and February. Personally my favorite look is from Fashion Week and especially the…

Photo Diary January JustKVN

Photo Diary January

Hi guys, I really couldn’t make it to post something yesterday! Last week and this week Larissa and I are teaching some girls about styling and other stuff, tomorrow is our last day and I personally really liked it to be in front of different children and teach them something! Cause my last diary was…

AFW FW 2015 Street Style - Boys and Couples

AFW FW 2015 Street Style – Boys and Couples

Yes guys, my last street style post from Fashion Week. Last week it was all about the girls and their outfits and today it’s all about the boys and some couples. What I saw was a lot of all black outfits, suits, and more casual looks. Not that very out going. Just the way men…

AFW FW 2015 Street Style - Girls

AFW FW 2015 Street Style – Girls

Cause I promised you some street style from Fashion Week, I took some pictures of people. Of course a lot of bloggers that I know! Although I took some pictures of people that I didn’t know and I have to say it was a bit scary to asked them to pose for my camera! Today…

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