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Resolutions for 2017

What’s up guys? New year and that means new resolutions – already for 2017. But first let’s get back to my resolutions from last year. Did I achieved some of them or not? I wanna travel more often? But I didn’t. Yes I went to Stockholm and Germany but that’s it. Also I didn’t visit more Fashion Week’s for example London or Paris! Did I create more content? I think in some way I did. But my focus was more on Instagram – so create more photos for other social platforms. Also post more Youtube Video’s – I did post more that the year before. But I’m still searching what I would like to share and what you like as well of course. But what I did achieved is JustKVN as a business. I’m still happy and thankful for that.

But let’s start with my resolutions for 2017.

1. Being more healthier: One of the things I didn’t likes about 2016 is the fact that I gained some weight. Of course I did myself. I was to tired to go back to the gym and in my lunch break I picked out the bad things. Also at events – their is champagne and always something to eat. I just have to grab something. Also the fact that I visit my mom every evening was not helping me to visit the gym. But this year I really want to go back. I already changed something in the way I eat. So there’s a start.

2. Change the way I collaborate: This is very a hot topic in the blogger scene. Cause the whole “influencer world” is changing. In the first year I was so happy with every collaboration and that companies are believing in me. Also like last year were companies are willing to pay me for some blogpost – it’s so crazy. I did so many collabs that I can evaluate what I like about the collab or didn’t like. What I like to do is more long term collaborations – it’s not only good for a brand or company but also for my followers. They see that I really like the brand or product.

3. Enjoy life: This sounds very obvious but for what I’ve been through (losing my mom). It really opens my eyes. In one split second your whole life can be turned upside down like 180 degrees. I always consider what other people wants. But now I’m gonna what I want to do. It could be anything. Do I really want to see a movie – I’ll go alone or find someone else.

4. Travel more: Like my father says. Just go! For example New York. Would love to see the city and suddenly Chantal asked me if I wanted to go with her. YES of course. But also like small city trips. Maybe throughout my blog – that would be awesome. I think travel is also good for knowledge.

5. Create amazing content: Last but definitely not least. Is creating more content for you guys – whether that is text here on the blog, more pictures on my Instagram or creating more videos on Youtube. It’s something what I like to do, to inspire you guys. That was the reason why I started with blogging, create content and inspire other people.

So what do you think of my resolutions for 2017? Also I would like to know your resolutions for upcoming year – leave them in a comment below and inspire each other.

PH: Chantal 


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  1. 10 januari 2017 @ 09:00 Kelly

    Perfect resolutions Kevin! You can do it! Believe in yourself. X Kelly Thehouseofkelly


  2. 10 januari 2017 @ 10:58 Wendy

    KEV! Ik heb mijn gisteren ingeschreven bij Basic-Fit haha wat een grap he, maar goed ik ga het serieus nemen. Going strong! Zullen we zondag ook een filmpje gaan maken? Zo look filmpje :).



  3. 10 januari 2017 @ 14:11 Chantal

    Wat een goede voornemens! Ga er voor, ik weet dat je het kan! Xxx


  4. 10 januari 2017 @ 17:39 Ricardo

    Bij sommige voornemens hoort ook een inkomen, dus dat is mijn voornaamste. Als ik weer lekker werk dan zit de sportschool er in, dan zitten leuke tripjes er in.
    Qua bloggen: Gewoon verder gaan zoals ik deed. Om samenwerkingen geef ik niet zo heel veel maar als het leuk is en het komt op mijn pad, dan ga ik ze niet uit de weg.

    Goede voornemens heb je. New York zou ik ooit ook nog heel graag heen willen.


  5. 11 januari 2017 @ 10:15 Karin

    Goed idee van die long term collaborations! Meer reizen is hartstikke leuk, nieuwe plekken ontdekken is het mooiste dat er bestaat vind ik. Leuk artikel! X


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