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Personal Update

Welcome back guys. Today it is time for a personal update. You guys thought where was Kevin last Tuesday with a new blog post. Well to be honest I’m super tired the last few weeks. So I didn’t had the energy to write a full blogpost. I’m allright but let me explain something why I’m less online on my social media and my blog.

Two year ago I started – I had in mind to post at least two times a week and sometimes an extra article. If I was inspired or I definitely had so share something. My friends and some of you may know something happend to my mother almost two years ago. Back then I had a break but what you guys don’t know I was working in the hospital on a new lay out for my blog and write almost every evening when I was visiting my mom a full blog post. So I kept going and didn’t had a break. Also my blog was growing, I had more collaborations and more events. Very cool but also exhausting cause my mother was still in the hospital. Long story short: my mother is “al right” but she can’t live at home anymore. So that means visit her as much as I can.

But why am I so tired. Well I work 5 days a week at office besides my blog. Of course that isn’t an excuse for writing less articles on my blog and post not everyday on Instagram and other social media. When I’m finally home I’m really out of inspiration and need a break from everything. But there’s the other problem. I have NO WIFI! Well for an influencer like me that is really frustrating. I can’t work at home in peace on some great articles, I have to go to my mom place or to my parent’s home. Can’t search the web for my own inspiration. I’m feeling like an working machine, cause I won’t let you guys down. Besides that I still want to share perfect blogposts and perfect Instagram posts and not just some random selfies and other bullshit. Which I really think is annoying. I see my Instagram as my own business card for my followers and brands.

So a fulltime job, no WiFi and visiting my mom everyday is taking a lot of energy. Also the other thing what is really frustrating me is: that I gained some weight. I really want to go to the gym, but with no energy and no time it isn’t the perfect combination. Lucky me I’ve got some closest friends who understands when I can’t or don’t want to meet with them and I can discuss everything what is bothering me. Thank you guys.

Also a good things is, that in blogger world it is really quite, so I can take a little break. What I can insure you that I keep posting every week but I don’t know on which day. Also within a few weeks I’ve three weeks off and I’m going to Germany for Phantasialand, you may know: I love Themeparks.

I hope you guys I’m taking a step back and enjoying my life again. Take a lot of inspiration and when I’m fully “recovered” from everything I will upload two articles per week. So like my Facebook page to keep up to dated. I still hope you are sticking around cause I’ve some really cool stuff comping up. Think about give aways and more?! Which I will tell you soon!

Enjoy your weekend guys!


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'Personal Update' have 6 comments

  1. 18 augustus 2016 @ 09:46 Deheks

    Think of yourselve….attention a vous…kev denk aan jezelf….anders ven je straks verder van huis.
    I keep on following. :)


  2. 19 augustus 2016 @ 10:24 Karen

    Hey lieverd.. Wat vervelend allemaal! Zelf werk ik ook 5 dagen per week en ik snap perfect dat je savonds soms andere dingen wilt of moet doen! Je familie komt eerst en jouw gezondheid ook natuurlijk! Over je gewicht moet je je echt niet kut voelen! Ik denk soms ook dat dit een issue is in de bloggerwereld maar dit zit voor een stuk tussen onze oren! Dikke knuffel en ik ben er voor je!


    • 25 augustus 2016 @ 19:17 Kevin Geurts

      Dankje wel schat! Ja ik snap wel dat mijn gewicht tussen mijn oren zit :p maar er iets af is altijd welkom of course. Hopelijk zie ik je in september should be fun babe


  3. 29 augustus 2016 @ 11:29 Jacqueline

    Mooi en eerlijk geschreven! I’m here for you!


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