New Fragrances

New fragrances

New fragrances New fragrances New fragrances

I LOVE new fragrances. The first one is from Karl Lagerfeld pour Homme. I got this from my friend Mannie so sweet. The fragrance is timeless but also modern. This one is like fashion for the nose. It is a strong and fresh scent. Filled with lavender, violet, spicy sandalwood and amber, but freshened up with a little bit of mandarin and apple. I really like this perfume, it gaves me an elegant feeling. The bottle is simple but really Lagerfeld and don’t forget his signature face on the bottle.

New fragrances New fragrances New fragrances

The second one is from Valentino – Uomo. It was on my wish list for months. I just waited when it was the right moment to buy it, cause I’ve got too many fragrances in my collection. The first time when I smelled it, I was immediately in love. Uomo is a sweet and wooden scent. Filled with bergamot and Myrtle Liquor, in the heart is it filled with Crema di Gianduia and white leather and the base is racy notes of coffee and cedar wood. The bottle is just GORGEOUS.

What do you think of my new fragrances? Do you know them?


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'New Fragrances' have 8 comments

  1. 19 juni 2014 @ 23:39 Pieternella

    Love it :)


  2. 20 juni 2014 @ 15:01 Jacqueline

    Heerijk! En het flesje van Valentino is heel mooi!


  3. 23 juni 2014 @ 15:23 Karen - Dressing in Labels

    prachtige flesjes!


  4. 24 juni 2014 @ 18:23 Mannie

    Fijn dat je er zo blij mee bent x ❤️


    • 26 juni 2014 @ 18:32 Kevin Geurts

      Jaaaaa hij is echt super lekker.. dankje wel lieverd! xx


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