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How to start a Blog

Lately a lot of people ask me why and how I started with blog. So in todays article I want to talk about why and how I started. So think of the technical part of blogging and so much more. Let’s get started.

Why I started blogging? Well that’s easy. I have a huge passion for fashion, because I did a study in administration I couldn’t let out my passion. So before I started my own blog, I talked about it with a good girlfriend to start something together but that’s really hard because we both had to work and have our own friends. So one year later I thought you know what let’s do it on my own, but I want it to be more professional and that all of this is all ready one year later.

How to start a blog tips:

Start because you have a passion for something. That could be fashion, beauty, art and so many more. If you do it because you have a passion for something, your readers will know this, because of the way how you write something. Don’t start because you see some “big” bloggers and they receive from time too time free goodies and also is their job, that doesn’t mean you will receive within two months also free items as well. Of course I receive sometimes free items and I’m really great full for that but I didn’t start a blog for free items. I started because I’ve an passion for fashion and wanted to do something with that.

Finding a niche could be really hard. Of course you can start a blog about fashion, but there a lot of fashion blogs. So what makes you different than all the others? Maybe it’s your own style, or photography. It could be anything.

This is really a funny proces before I started my blog. I was at a birthday party and I was discussing that I want to start a blog but I have to find a name. What I didn’t want the word “Fashion” in my domain name. Why? Right now I like fashion but maybe in the future I want to write about Travel, I’m always stuck to Fashion do you know what I mean? So what means JustKVN? Obvious KVN = KeViN and Just stands for Just being normal, and Justin Timberlake. I love his music. Anyways find a name that suits you and your blog. Think of QueenOfJetlags? She writes most of the about Fashion, but she travels all around the world. If you finally find your perfect blog name, claim it as soon as possible. I bought mine at and for extension .com. Because it’s more common and worldly known.

For what I hear is that Blogger is an easy platform to work with. But also a lot of bloggers are switching to WordPress because you have more options. WordPress is platform that used around the whole world – JustKVN runs on it as well. It offers endless possibilities for customizing your own website. The only thing that you have to choose is, are you gonna use (not self-hosted) or (self-hosted services). For example you choose your website is gonna be like this: With you have to invest some money and pick a hosting service like I said

In the first 6 or 7 months I had a free template on my blog. If you are using WordPress you can just easily add a free theme. Of course you could change some settings but when your theme has an update all these settings are gone, which is really annoying. So I did some research and asked some fellow bloggers colleagues where they purchased there themes. The website is: After searching for days at their website I found a old magazine theme, which is now my template. What I like to share on my blog are pictures. But choose a theme that suits to you niche. A good tip. Choose a simple design, readers love that.

Last but most important tip. ENJOY. Blogging is fun.

Well I hope you liked my tips on how to start a blog.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. 21 mei 2015 @ 09:56 Karen - Dressing in Labels

    Leuk om te lezen! Ik wist niet dat je blognaam gedeeltelijk van justin timeberlake komt.

    x Karen


  2. 21 mei 2015 @ 10:01 Sabine

    Very helpful and inspiring! If you have any tips to make my memorial blog better, let me know :)
    Love xoxo


  3. 21 mei 2015 @ 13:54 Michael

    What a nice things are hidden in the word JUST – Just being normal & Justin Timberlake =)
    Nice to know it ;)



  4. 21 mei 2015 @ 22:11 alexa

    heel erg goede tips! Leuke foto van jou achter je laptop!


  5. 21 mei 2015 @ 22:50 Sophie

    Wat een leuk artikel zeg! Voelt wel een beetje raar om Nederlands te reageren haha. Ik ben op dit moment ook toe aan een nieuwe lay-out dus bedankt voor je tip!


  6. 22 mei 2015 @ 10:07 Luc herbergs

    Jouw foto ziet er zakelijk uit , haha.
    Maar past wel goed bij de blogpost.


  7. 25 mei 2015 @ 13:42 Rowan

    I love this tips! Thanks a lot.


  8. 28 mei 2015 @ 10:48 Flaviena

    Geweldige post! En je foto en styling maakt het ook helemaal af. Gr, Flaviena
    p.s Ik heb je gemaild.


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