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Hotspot: Blushing Amsterdam

As you may know (if you follow me on Instagram) I was last Sunday in Amsterdam with my good friend Maikel. If you live in the Netherlands you probably heard of “Blushing” – a week ago Gordon (famous in the Netherlands) opened a second coffee hotspot in Amsterdam. The first one is in Blaricum which I didn’t paid a visit. But of course while shopping in Amsterdam I had to check this one and because I like it so much I loved it to share with you guys – and what I can tell you right now Blushing Amsterdam is my favorite hotspot.


Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

The location is perfect. It’s near the P.C. Hooftstraat and also near the Conservatorium hotel. Also the building is really cool. It has something old yet it’s very modern. Also the terrace is quite big – and the tables and chairs are just simple white.


Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

What I first saw when I entered Blushing Amsterdam was the clean but also a little bit colorful interior. The main colors are: white, turquoise and copper. I really like this combination and also it really defines Gordon. What I also like are the black and white pictures on the walls – and of course there is a big picture of Gordon himself in the cafe.


Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog
Picture from: Travelrumors

Hotspot Blushing Amsterdam JustKVN Menswear blog

Last but definitely not least is the menu card. First thing that you have to know is you have to say your order at the bar, after that find a place to sit and wait for your food. I think that is really good because you don’t have to wait until somebody is gonna take your order. At Blushing Amsterdam is everything healthy so think of: smoothies and this perfect slice of bread with chicken. It was really delicious  – but don’t forget you can also choose a salad – and of course you could just a drink a cup of coffee.

So I hope you like Blushing Amsterdam as much as I do. Please let me know what you think of this new hotspot!

Blushing Amsterdam
Paulus Potterstraat 30A
1071 DA Amsterdam
Website: Blushing Amsterdam
It is open from: 8 o’clock till 18 o’clock.

Enjoy your weekend!


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'Hotspot: Blushing Amsterdam' have 4 comments

  1. 14 augustus 2015 @ 09:16 Sabine

    Nice article with a lot of info. I Would like to try this hotspot myself :) xoxo


  2. 14 augustus 2015 @ 10:31 Michael

    The interior looks fantastic!
    Ok, I think we need to plan a trip to Amsterdam =D

    Have a perfect weekend, my friend,


  3. 14 augustus 2015 @ 19:05 Karen

    Ziet er leuk uit! Het eten doet me denken aan Van Dam!


  4. 15 augustus 2015 @ 22:19

    Ziet er tof uit, leuke locatie Kevin!


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