Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging

Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging

Happy Thursday guys and welcome back.

In today’s blogpost I want to share a little peek in to my blogging life. So Blog Tips: What I use for blogging. Only the things that I use after you find out your niche and your blogging name. I want to share the technical things in a different blog post.

Let’s get started:

Of course you don’t have to buy a MacBook like every blogger has. I bought my MacBook Air like two years ago after some advice from some friends. I know it’s an investment but it was totally worth it. Also if you travel a lot, I would recommend to buy a MacBook air. It’s totally not heavy and easy to bring with you.

Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging

A note book is very helpful. It’s easy to write all your creative ideas or when you are traveling and you got some inspiration you could write it down in your own note book, in case you forget it. Or in case you are out of inspiration just take your note book and take a look what you didn’t used on your blog before.

Okay I’ve to admit I’m really a sucker in making some to do lists. Sometimes I use the app Wunderlist. Which is really useful, it’s also possible to connect it with your mobile phone. But believe me if you have a busy day and you have a to do list life is getting less stressful.

Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging

I thinks this is probably the most important thing about this article. The best tip that I got before I started my blog and was searching for a good camera. It’s all about the lens not about the body. So here it is. What I use right now for my outfit photos is the Canon EOS600D. In the beginning of my blog I used the standard lens that was delivered with my body. That was the Canon EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 lens. It was really perfect for in the beginning. When I met Wendy and we did a couple of shoots immidiatly I saw that my background was more blurry a.k.a. bokeh. (that out of focus almost watercolor effect in the background). A few weeks later I bought the Canon EF 50MM 1.8 lens. Of course it’s not only about the lens you have to change some setting on your camera as well. I always shoot in the AV mode, change diafragma to 1.8 and you background is blurry and don’t forget to change the light settings some times. Also a little note I’m not an expert but I learned things myself and from other bloggers.

Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging

Well I hope you learned something about this blog tip article. This everything I use at the moment for blogging. Next week I want to give some tips on how to start a blog. Such as a good blog name and which platform you should use for blogging.

So later this day I’m off to meeting up with Frederique from FabLeFrique and we’re gonna visit some press days at PR agencies.

Till next time


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'Blog Tips: What I use for Blogging' have 5 comments

  1. 23 april 2015 @ 07:59 Karen - Dressing in Labels

    Lief dat je je tips deelt! Misschien moet ik bij mijn volgende verjaardag ook maar eens sparen voor een betere lens ;-)

    x Karen


  2. 23 april 2015 @ 09:15 Sabine

    very good tips!

    Xxx Sabine


  3. 23 april 2015 @ 15:21 Michael

    Good tips =). I have my Macbook Pro for 5 years and it is still in great condition.. Macbook is perfect investment, you can use it years and years and it is still working smooth.
    ToDo lists are hell for me. I use my diary for notes and meetings etc. and also calendar in iPhone.
    Camera..yeah, 1.8 50mm lens are must for a blogger (but I have to say, we don’t use it still, we are now in stage of choosing new camera).
    Also good tip is to learn basics with some photo editing software, you also need sometimes to adjust light, contrast, maybe retouch some pimples on nose and forehead =D, Picasa is good for this, or Fotor (if you have Mac OS)

    Have a great day,


  4. 23 april 2015 @ 16:43 Luc Herbergs

    Je hebt inderdaad niet zoveel nodig om te bloggen, ik heb een professionele fotograaf in dienst en zelf een macbook pro 15 inch.
    Mijn website was wel een investering, maar daar pluk ik nu wel de vruchten van.


  5. 24 april 2015 @ 20:46 Nadia van de Ven

    Wat een super handig artikel Kevin! Ik ben zo A-technisch en onhandig met mijn camera haha, ik moet toch maar eens meer aandacht besteden aan de camera settings en een goede lens aanschaffen! Keep up the good work!

    xxx Nadia V


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