Blog Anniversary 2 years JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Blog Anniversary: 2 years

Blog Anniversary 2 years JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Exactly two years ago I began a new hobby. This menswear and lifestyle blog. Not sure what to expect but I was excited. Every weekend and every spare time I was busy with writing articles and styling my favorite looks. It was the perfect getaway from my busy office life and it was really relaxing as well. Okay it’s not rocket science. Just stay who you are and share what you are passionate about.

Also the last two years wasn’t always easy to write all those articles. Especially when something terrible happens in your family. But I kept in my mind my mother was my true number one fan and that kept me really strong and motivated to keep on going with JustKVN. For the ones that don’t know the story, she was really sick and thank god she’s still here and still my number one fan. What also changed was all these possibilities I got from doing this. Like for example working with great brands as, Ted Baker, The Sting, Hans Anders and many more. Or getting invited for Fashion Week and all the other events.

I’m still super excited with every collaboration and being able to do what I love through something that started just like an hobby. Also if you remember my goals for 2016 for starting JustKVN as a business. This week I’m gonna make that happen. How cool is that.

So today is a special day. (Well I’m 5 days later). I want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to all my loyal and lovely followers that follow my journey throughout my blog and for all the sweet comments. Without you JustKVN was nothing. Also the people that helped me realizing this blog. Yes you know who you are.

To celebratie the 2 years anniversary of JustKVN I bought a red velvet cake.

Thanks Chantal for the pictures.

Blog Anniversary 2 years JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Blog Anniversary 2 years JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog


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'Blog Anniversary: 2 years' have 16 comments

  1. 8 maart 2016 @ 08:59 Maxime

    Congratulations! Gefeliciteerd schat. Het is je gegund! ♡♡♡


  2. 8 maart 2016 @ 09:40 Chantal

    Thanks schat! Met liefde gedaan!
    En nogmaals van harte gefeliciteerd!


  3. 8 maart 2016 @ 11:01 Sabine

    Gefeliciteerd schat!!! Ik geloof in je en je bent al zover gekomen! Super knap :))) xxx


  4. 8 maart 2016 @ 11:43 Karen - Dressing in Labels

    Dikke proficiat lieverd! Je doet dat al twee jaar super goed ondanks de verschrikkelijke gebeurtenis met je moeder! Ik blijf je natuurlijk ook weer dit jaar volgen ;-) En natuurlijk super fijn dat we mekaar hebben leren kennen dankzij onze blogs!

    x Karen


    • 8 maart 2016 @ 12:53 Kevin Geurts

      Dankje wel schat!!! Ik blijf jou ook volgen.. binnenkort echt even moeten ergens hoor.. veel te lang geleden.. Jaaaa echt leuk jammer dat je zo ver weg woont anders konden we vaker shotten enzo


  5. 8 maart 2016 @ 23:18 alexa

    Jeje wat fijn en wat een lange tijd alweer, leuk om je verhaal te lezen! 16 maart bestaat mijn blog ook alweer 2 jaar!


    • 10 maart 2016 @ 12:35 Kevin Geurts

      Aaaah super leuk!!! ook alweer 2 jaar, wat gaat t snel he! XX


  6. 8 maart 2016 @ 23:36 Joost

    Hey. Happy Birthday JustKVN! Ziet er goed uit hoor!


  7. 9 maart 2016 @ 12:53 lindy

    Well done! Gefeliciteerd!


  8. 15 maart 2016 @ 23:00 Jacqueline Ripzaad

    Yaaay! Nog gefeliciteerd :)


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