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Birthday Wish List

WOOPWOOP! Next week I’m turning 26 years old. God I’m getting really old.

And of course I had to picked out some things for my Birthday Wish List and I have to say it’s was really hard to find things that I need. I think I’m really happy with all the things I own.

Let’s start with the sweater from Calvin Klein a must have for every fashion lover I think. Can’t wait to own one myself. I love to spice up my living room, this candle from H&M suits perfectly with the other accessories that I have. Black and copper perfect match. When I have time I quite like to reed some books, when I heard about “How to be Parisian” and read good reviews about this book I thought this would be a great gift for me. When I was shopping in Amsterdam last week, I found this gorgeous clutch from Kenzo right now I own a clutch from Louboutin and would love to add this one also to my collection and good know it’s for men. What is a wish list without Acne right? This cuff is minimalistic and classic. Also this fragrance from Tom Ford I would love to my beauty stash and last but not least how funny and cute is this Bag Bug from Fendi. This little things is a trend by female bloggers but I’m so excited that Fendi also sells it for men.

So what do you think of my Birthday Wish List for this year? Maybe I should post next week a wish list with a lot of fashion items. Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. 31 maart 2015 @ 08:57 Frederique

    That bag bug from Fendi! LOVE! :)
    x Frederique
    FAB le Frique –


  2. 31 maart 2015 @ 09:54 Karen - Dressing ni Labels

    De Bag Bug van Fendi is echt super, die wil ik ook wel!

    x Karen


  3. 31 maart 2015 @ 11:49 Michael

    Nice wishlist..I have that book ;)
    Kenzo clutch is perfect, and instead of Fendi bug I would like to have once Karlito <3 <3 <3



  4. 31 maart 2015 @ 21:39 Sabine

    I hope all of your wishes come true for your birthday. Especially one in particular. See u soon xo


  5. 31 maart 2015 @ 22:59 Sytse | The S Files

    Haha! Die bag bug is echt fantastisch!! En zo’n chilltrui wil ik ook wel!


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