Christian Louboutin nailpolish

Present for my mom: Christian Louboutin Nail polish

It was my mothers birthday last week and of course I had to buy her something special! That is: Christian Louboutin Nail Polish.
So no this is not for me!!!

When she found out that Mister Louboutin has designed some nail polishes, she said I really want one,
and I’m the perfect son ;-) and I remembered here wish.

Christian Louboutin nailpolish

The name of this beauty is “Rouge Louboutin” the red which you can find also on the soles of his shoes. A perfect red in my opinion.

Christian Louboutin nailpolish

My mother was really happy when she saw the packaging and I have to say, it it so beautiful a decoration for your interior. It is not just a
normal nail polish. Also the cover around the bottle is such a clever idea.

The cap of the polish is really long but is has the same length of the heel on the Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoe, which was featured
in a David Lynch collaboration. Such a cool idea. The ombre effect on the bottle is also amazing.

Christian Louboutin nailpolish

Christian Louboutin nailpolish

I know it’s a lot for one bottle, you pay for 13ml €45,00 but I’m gonna tell it’s totally worth it and I bought it at
My mother is really happy with it and I have to say it again: a totally piece of art in your interior.

What do you think of this nail polish?


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'Present for my mom: Christian Louboutin Nail polish' have 3 comments

  1. 16 januari 2015 @ 07:41 Karen

    hopelijk heb ik later een zoon zoals jou


  2. 16 januari 2015 @ 08:31 Maxime

    Lief Kevin! Ziet er mooi uit! Knal kleurtje ook!


  3. 16 januari 2015 @ 12:16 Frederique

    Aw, lief! Ze verdiend het. Ik ben uitzonderlijk benieuwd naar de kwaliteit van de lak! Let me know! xxxjes Frederique – fashion blogger at


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