A day in the life of JustKVN

A day in the life

Yes a day in the life of JustKVN. I thought it should be fun to film my whole day when I have press days and an event in the evening. Some of my friends and followers are really curious of what it’s like when you visit some PR agencies. As a blogger it’s good to have a lot of contact with PR agencies. They can arrange some collaborations for you or invite you to some events. Think of new stores or fashion shows. But also PR agencies are working with stylist. So it’s also possible to borrow some pieces of some brands in their showroom.

In today’s video you’ll find out the new collection from different brands for this AW’16/17. And I hear you thinking – summer hasn’t started at all. That’s right, but for magazines it’s good to shoot winter items in summer for publications. And some items you can wear it also in spring.

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  1. 26 april 2016 @ 07:55 Sabine

    Great to see you having fun and enjoying your day!
    Xo Sabine


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