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2018 Resolutions

Happy Friday guys, today I want to talk about my 2018 resolutions. A new year and that means new resolutions. I think everybody has them. But first let’s get back to my resolutions from 2017. I want to live more healthier, well I went back to the gym that was the first step. Also I collaborate differently with companies. I said more “No” when companies send me emails and I definitely enjoyed life more.

But let’s start with my 2018 resolutions:

1. Figure out what I want to do with my life: When I got back from my trip to NYC – I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my job and where I see myself in five years. Before my trip, I thought I want to live in Amsterdam and maybe work for a PR agency but now I don’t know. I need new goals and figure out what kind of job I want and where I would like to live.

2. Create more content for Youtube: One of the things I like to do is filming and editing videos. I get really creative. But because I’ve got a fulltime job I can’t film my daily life. But maybe I have to film a mukbang and other challenges with Youtubers or friends. If you have suggestions please let me know in the comment section down below!

3. Travel alone: Yes I want to travel alone. For two weeks. I think this is really good for me, find myself back and what I really want in life – like I said my number one! I really want to go back to New York that city stole my heart and can’t wait to see more of the city. Al though it is all by myself haha.

4: Make the best out of JustKVN: I know I don’t post that often here on the blog or my Instagram. It can be really busy when you have job and also want to post here on the blog and instagram and also want to attend some events.  I see that a lot of companies nowadays wants just a picture on Instagram and it’s a lot easier and still can be very creative.

Also I’m gonna try to ask money to companies, they know by now that it takes a lot of time to get the perfect picture and blogpost and they should pay a blogger or influencer. Don’t get me wrong I love the free stuff but it’s just that something extra if they pay an influencer.

5. Eating healthy and enjoy life: Okay, I’m back at the gym, but still my eating pattern sucks. I have to put away the snacks and eat healthier. And of course enjoy life, if I want to go on a city trip I should do it. Life is to short to waist time.

So these are mine 2018 resolutions. What do you think of them? I’m really curious what are your resolutions for this year? Are you going the gym as well? Or totally something else, let me know by leaving a comment below!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. 12 januari 2018 @ 08:36 Lodi

    Mooie doelen Kevin. Dat alleen reizen is zo goed om te doen! Echt een aanrader! En wat grappig dat je na je trip eigenlijk heel anders over het werkende leven bent gaan denken. Succes met je doelen. Hier ook weer gezond aan het eten en meer bewegen, was na de feestmaand wel even nodig.


  2. 12 januari 2018 @ 09:00 The lemon kitchen

    Leuk geschreven!


  3. 12 januari 2018 @ 10:24 Marjolein Goedhardt

    It is a great list, especially traveling alone. I really think this is the way to really explore a city and enjoy it even more.


  4. 12 januari 2018 @ 10:28 nicole orriens

    I don’t have any new year’s resolutions. I’m hoping to go on the same way : ) I run every day so I don’t need to go the gym.

    By the way: I love your coat!


  5. 12 januari 2018 @ 14:38 Felice Veenman

    inderdaad: geweldige jas! neem de dingen zoals ze komen en werk vooral aan doel 5! Is mijn gratis en ongevraagd advies.
    Even een vraag: waarom blog je in het Engels?


    • 13 januari 2018 @ 19:28 Kevin Geurts

      Hihi bedankt voor je advies ik ga zeker nog meer proberen te genieten!
      En waarom ik het in Engels blog omdat ik 3 jaar geleden ook internationaler wilde gaan met m’n website en instagram en ik ook zo m’n Engels kan verbeteren


  6. 12 januari 2018 @ 16:20 Rinette - GeldvoorNop

    Great goals for this year! I’ve travelled alone and I really liked it. You are free to do what every you want to do at that moment. I would also like to eat more healthy this year, that’s why I’m trying to eat low carb.


  7. 12 januari 2018 @ 17:59 Tania

    I don’t have new year’s resolutions this year. Oh i’d love to go back to New York


  8. 13 januari 2018 @ 06:47 Eva

    Love the resolutions! Especially lookin’ forward to making more out of “justkvn”
    Wish you all the best.

    Liefs, Eva


  9. 13 januari 2018 @ 23:24 wendy

    Mooie resolutions Kev! Alleen reizen zeker doen super leuk! Gewoon naar een plek gaan waar veel mensen sowieso alleen reizen. New York lijkt mij wat enger om alleen te doen, maar ik weet ook dat Thailand enzo jou niet echt trekt, Terwijl het daar juist makkelijk is om alleen te reizen. Nou ik ben benieuwd wat het gaat worden. Eerst maar ons tripje naar Londen :)


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