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Recap JustKVN January and February

RECAP January and February

Hi Guys, It’s March and that means Recap time! I said it in my “Blogger Anniversary” post, time flies and it does. Like in a month it’s all ready time for my birthday. But let’s talk about all my looks from January and February. Personally my favorite look is from Fashion Week and especially the…

RECAP: November and December

RECAP: November and December

Hi guys, Did you survived the Christmas days? Mine were pretty good, spent some time with my family and with a good friend. We went to the last part of “The Hobbit” it was a good movie, all though in my opinion the first two movies were better. It’s almost the end of December! Time…

Recap September and October

RECAP september and october

Yes RECAP time!!!! Can you believe it’s already November tomorrow? September and October where pretty good months, especially October. Cause I teamed up with The Sting. How cool is that? Let’s start with the recap. My favorite outfit is I think “All Black” It’s simple and also chique. Also I really like the “I Want More”…

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