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NEW: Jord WoodWatches

Today I’m showing you my new watch from Jord Woodwatches. It’s a beautiful fall-winter accessory that I’ve received from their website. If you don’t know wood watches let me share some of their information “Their journey: JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. We spend our days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Then…

Announcement SoFarSoSabine.com. JustKVN.com Menswear blog


Yes today I’ve a big announcement. Some of you all ready knew it. But I think a lot of you don’t. In June 2015 Sabine and I announced that she was a guestblogger on JustKVN.com. A lot of you really liked it. It was a little girls corner. So now and then Sabine wrote some articles…


Balmain x H&M Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, Just a quick late night post. I here you thinking where the hell were you. Well I was so busy this week – I didn’t have some time to write a whole blog post. But I’m back. Of course with some from Balmain x H&M. Luckily enough I was invited for the new…

Bloggernet x justKVN

Big News x Bloggernet

Yes finally I can say what my new project is… I’m not only gonna write here on my blog I’m also gonna write for Bloggernet. Every Wednesday you’ll see a new post for men. Of course I’m gonna write about fashion, but maybe in the future I would love to write about travel. Think about review…

Happy 26th birthday JustKVN

Happy 26th Birthday

YAY Happy 26th Birthday to me! I shot this funny picture last weekend in Rotterdam and for my birthday I want it to be a very happy photo. It turned out really good right? Last sunday I’ve got a little present from one of my good friends. When she saw my wish list she ordered…

JustKVN 1 year anniversary

One Year Blog Anniversary

Yay Happy One Year Blog Anniversary to me! One year. Time really flies, I remember like it was yesterday when I post my “Welcome Post” here on JustKVN.com. Was so nervous but also excited to share it with friends and family. It was my own little project, I was the boss and I could decide what…

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