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HemdvoorHem.nl CalvinKlein shirt give away JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

HemdvoorHem.nl CalvinKlein shirt give away

Hi guys. Vandaag heb ik een te gekke give away voor jullie. In samenwerking met Hemdvoorhem.nl. En nu hoor ik je denken, “Kevin dat komt mij bekend voor” Dat klopt zeker. Je herkent het vast van mijn NYE outfit. Mocht je het gemist hebben klik dan zeker even op de link. Maar genoeg over die…

NYE outfit JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

NYE outfit

Welcome back Guys. It’s already time for my NYE outfit but first I hope everyone had some wonderful Holidays with your friends and loved ones. I went on Christmas eve out for diner with Wendy and on Christmas day I was so tired I slept almost all day and had diner at my fathers place. On the…

Calvin Klein CK One Gold Review JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Calvin Klein CK One Gold Review

It’s almost time for Christmas friends. Thats also means time for presents. In today’s blogpost I have an review about my new perfume Calvin Klein CK one gold. I think everybody knows the classic Calvin Klein one scent. But this is One Gold. A limited edition. When I saw this on my Instagram timeline it caught immediately…

My Calvins JustKVN Mensfashionblog

My Calvins

Welcome back, Okay I hear you thinking? My Calvins? Kevin in underwear. I know you guys would love to see that, but sorry it’s all about the shirt. Okay all jokes aside let’s get down to business. Last sunday I went to the MTV presents Blog Fair by I Love Fashion Bloggers. I had a great…

Calvin Klein tee, h&m blazer, hermes belt, lanvin shoes outfit Blog Fair.jpg

PEEK: Outfit Blog Fair

Yes today it’s time for the Blog Fair in Amsterdam. I’m really excited and want to share a quick post on what I should wear today to the Blog Fair. Also I’ve got some new stuff. The Calvin Klein tee and the H&M blazer. Do you like it? I’m really excited to meet up my fellow…

Birthday Wishlist JustKVN

Birthday Wish List

WOOPWOOP! Next week I’m turning 26 years old. God I’m getting really old. And of course I had to picked out some things for my Birthday Wish List and I have to say it’s was really hard to find things that I need. I think I’m really happy with all the things I own. Let’s…

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