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Happy Friday friends. Today I’m sharing this Parrots sweater outfit. Wendy and I shot this look on our first day in Paris. All though this is a all black look I love the orange details and I’m sharing a lot of new and cool items. But first of all how cool is this Parrots sweater…

Where to stay in Paris; Sacha Hotel by Happy Culture review JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Where to stay in Paris; Sacha Hotel by HappyCulture

Yes I promised a review about our hotels where we stayed in Paris. The first one is the Sacha Hotel by HappyCulture. So if you are planning a trip to Paris very soon then you definitely have to read this blog post. Cause it’s a awesome hotel. Sacha Hotel by Happy Culture has three stars…

Palais Royal Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Van Bommel shoes JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Palais Royal

Welcome back guys. Finally my first outfit from Paris and at one of my favorite places Palais Royal. As you can see above it was raining really hard. So I had to shoot with an umbrella – which is something different here on the blog. I have been to Paris a few years ago but never…

Paris vlog Justkvn menswear and lifestyle blog

Paris Vlog – Fashionweek?!

Yay hier is hij eindelijk dan. Mijn Paris Vlog! Wendy en ik vertrokken op vrijdag 3 maart in samenwerking met HappyRail naar Parijs en wat is dat fijn zeg. Heerlijk in de Thalys en je stapt werkelijk midden in de stad uit. Niet uren wachten op het vliegveld, niet uren in de taxi zitten daar….

February Diary Post JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

February Diary Post

Hi Guys. I’m back from PARIS! Had so much fun with Wendy which you’ll find out this sunday in my Paris vlog. But it’s also time for my February diary post. It was a fun month where I visit Amsterdam a lot and I got a car accident with my car. YIKES. Anyways let’s start…

Fresh 'n Rebel - Rockbox and Headphone review - JustKVN menswear blog

Fresh ’n Rebel – Rockbox and Headphone review

Today totally something different here on the blog. Not an outfit post but a full review about the Fresh ’n Rebel Headphone and their Rockbox. Since I can remember I love to play music in my room. The louder the better right?! Anyways when they contacted me to send me their headphone and a Rockbox…

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5 Posters Interior Tip

Hi Guys. Jullie hebben het vast wel op Instagram of op blogs voorbij zien komen de geweldige posters van Toen ik samen met Wendy er over had begon mijn interieur hartje gelijk sneller te kloppen. Uiteindelijk kreeg zelf een mail van Desenio dat ik een paar leuke items mocht uitzoeken. Ik werd gelijk enthousiast,…

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Birds falling down the rooftops, Out of the sky like raindrops. No air, no pride. Who remembers this song, when Anouk preformed this song at the Eurovision Song Festival. I know I do – and it reminds me of that when I’m wearing my Birds sweater. Anyways I find it really funny. So let’s talk about my…

Mister Grey outfit JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog

Mister Grey outfit

Welcome back guys. This time for a Mister Grey outfit here on the blog. Of course this is a wink to the movie. I think all of you guys heard of Fifty Shades of grey, or have seen the movies, I know I did. I loved the second one and I can really recommend to… CalvinKlein shirt give away JustKVN menswear and lifestyle blog
8 CalvinKlein shirt give away

Hi guys. Vandaag heb ik een te gekke give away voor jullie. In samenwerking met En nu hoor ik je denken, “Kevin dat komt mij bekend voor” Dat klopt zeker. Je herkent het vast van mijn NYE outfit. Mocht je het gemist hebben klik dan zeker even op de link. Maar genoeg over die…

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