My Blog Resolutions for 2016

My Blog Resolutions for 2016

Hello Guys,

A new year means also new resolutions. All though resolutions are really personal – I thought it should be fun to share mine. Cause maybe we have the same and also a little reminder for myself. Let’s start my blog resolutions for 2016.

1. Travel more often: By far my favorites things in the world in traveling. Exploring new places, meet new people. Especially  throughout my blog. One thing I found out last year what I really liked to do was to create content about my city trips. I love to take you guys with me and share all the amazing things, but also reviewing hotels.

2. Post more Youtube Videos: What I also like to do is edit videos for Youtube. I did my first video last year for Youtube and the reactions were so sweet. I’m not gonna start vlogging – but I’d like to share lookbooks or maybe a sort of vlog but without talking. If you know what I mean. For example: when I’m on a city trip I’ll show some impressions of the city. P.S. don’t forget to subscribe.

3. Visit more Fashion Week’s: I love to visit Amsterdam Fashion week. But I think when you visit Paris Fashion Week, the people are more fashionable and the vibe. But I’ve got some good news, it’s still a resolution but hopefully I’m gonna attend Stockholm Fashion in February. Of course I’m gonna visit Sabine for a whole week, but we’re planning to get some tickets for some lovely shows. Keep your fingers crossed cause I really want tickets for Filippa K.

4. JustKVN as a business: Almost 2 years of blogging I’m at a point of what kind of direction do I wanna go with my website. First of all – I’m still super excited with every collaboration and also that companies believe in me and send me all the goodies. But I don’t think that some companies see how much work just one article is. I’ve to take photos, that could be flat lays or outfits. When I have to shoot outfits I need a photographer, edit the photos, write a blog post and share it on social media. So maybe I work in total 2 till 3 hours on just one post. I’m thinking to register JustKVN as a company and start asking some money for a blog post. I think this is for my quite scary cause it’s getting more professional.

5. Create more content: I think this should be always a resolution. But right now I post two sometimes three articles online. But I would love to do three articles per week. Whether it’s text, photo’s or video’s. That could be anything. So if you have any suggestions don’t forget to leave a comment. Also maybe in the end of this year I’m gonna upgrade the website again.

A resolution for my personal life is: go to the gym more often, eat healthy.

As you can see travel and fashion are really my true passion. What I like about blogging is that I can combine that two together. I hope you like my blog resolutions 2016. But I would love to know, what are your resolutions? Let me know in a comment below!


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'My Blog Resolutions for 2016' have 6 comments

  1. 12 januari 2016 @ 07:54 Maxime

    My Resolutions :

    Be happy with my family
    Doing better financialy
    Lose 15 kg’s
    And off course going to Switserland!!!!

    Your Resolutions look great! You can do it!
    I’ll think about things to help you, and when I find something I will let you know.



    • 14 januari 2016 @ 15:16 Kevin Geurts

      Perfect resolutions Max.. Jammer dat je niet in culemborg woont anders konden we samen sporten.. Zie je snel XXX


  2. 12 januari 2016 @ 13:20 Michael

    Perfect resolutions, Kevin. I have no one =), as I am creating some goals for myself during whole year. And there are really similar to yours..from travelling via the business side of a blog (I am afraid of it too, but as you mentioned, I think many companies do not realize how much work is behind the blog) to the creating more content..
    I am not familiar with visiting more fashion weeks because it is too much stress which I do not need =D

    I am keeping my fingers crossed!


    • 14 januari 2016 @ 15:15 Kevin Geurts

      Thanks Michael. We should go for it this year.. Haha Fashion Week is fun ;-) I hope you can visit the netherlands this year.. should be fun :)


  3. 13 januari 2016 @ 18:27 Karen

    Veel succes! Ik ben er zeker van dat jouw blog dit jaar weer gaat groeien! Zoals ik gisteren al zei: ik wil ook graag fashion weeks doen! Misschien kunnen we in september samen naar Parijs?


    • 14 januari 2016 @ 15:13 Kevin Geurts

      Ah je bent echt een schat!!! Jaaaaa sounds great.. lijkt me super leuk


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